I live and work in Kiekrz near Poznań (Poland). I am a graduate of the Faculty of Photography at the University of Arts in Poznań and the Sputnik Photos Mentorship Program.

My artistic interests focus on themes that touch on relationships and human beings, their inner world, their reactions to external factors, their ways of coping with the surrounding reality and traumas. Also important to me are concepts such as nature, family, memory, passing, relationships with the surrounding world. During the creative process I rely on intuitions, my works are my meditative space, I want to accomplish the impossible, to stop the transience of a moment, place or belonging.

In addition to digital photography, I often use analog and alternative photographic techniques such as cyanotype and pinhole photography to explore and experience the potential of traditional techniques. My means of expression include photography, installations and objects.

Exhibitions and solo shows:

2022 – “What is now, has begun then”, master’s degree exhibition, Pani Domu Gallery, Poznań, Poland.

2020 – “In between”, “Witryna” – pandemic exhibition activity, Centrala Gallery, Poznań, Poland.

Selected exhibitions, shows and group activities:

2024 – “Warmth (bathing in the Kierskie Lake)” – group exhibition “Wateriness”, 22.03-13.04.2024, Centrala Gallery, Poznań, Poland

2023 – “Shadow” – group exhibition “Strange Garden”, Inne Towarzystwo gallery, Warsaw, Poland (part of the second edition of Fringe Warsaw).

2023 – “What is now, has begun then” – group exhibition “Plasticity”, Inne Towarzystwo gallery, a guest exhibition of the Pani Domu gallery, Warsaw, Poland.

2023 – “who are you my self” – group exhibition “The goal is beyond the horizon”, Photography Gallery PF, Poznań, Poland.

2023 – “Nonmemory”, group exhibition “Wild Tenant”, Rotacyjny Dom Kultury na Jazdowie, Warsaw, Poland.

2022 – “What is now, has begun then”, OFF Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia.

2020 – “Nonmemory”, group exhibition “I *** didn’t work out”, Scena Otwarta Gallery, Poznań, Poland.

2019 – “I feel like…”, Culture City of East Asia 2019 Incheon Photography and Film Festival, Incheon, South Korea.

2019 – “We don’t have such a problem”, group exhibition “Ask Mokosza”, Sztuka Wyboru Gallery, Gdansk, Poland.

2019 – “I feel like…” – Foto Art Festival, Bielsko-Biala, Poland.

Publications and interviews:

2019 – “I feel like…”, Curated by girls,

2019 – ” We don’t have such a problem “, Girls room, nie-ma-czyzby

2019 – ” We don’t have such a problem “-, nas-wazne/u-nas-nie-ma-artystka-pokazuje-skale-przemocy-wobec-kobiet/xpvdk42

2015 – “Book / NO.03”, Sputnik Photos Mentorship Program 2013/ 2014 – publication presenting the works of 10 emerging artists.