I feel like…

2018 – 2019, digital photographs.

The project “I feel like…” focuses on the visual exploration of the experience of pain during menstruation. The discomfort felt by women during this time is often dismissed. Statistics indicate that 40 to 50% of women struggle with painful periods, and 7 to 10% suffer from endometriosis – a condition that not only brings unbearable pain but can also lead to social and professional exclusion. Gynecologists often downplay the pain, suggesting that it will disappear after childbirth or attributing it to the ‘natural structure’ of the female body. In reality, neither of these statements is true.

In my project, I delve into the theme of pain during menstruation. I’ve asked my close and distant acquaintances about their experiences related to menstruation, and the photographs serve as a visual interpretation of their responses.